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Rice Purity

Rice Purity Test is an enjoyable way of calling someone completely naughty or in the open as a child.

It’s a simple questionnaire containing 100 weird-to-unspeakable questions. The survey aims to seek out out how guiltless you're. And it only works if you answer honestly.

Purity Test may be a quiet survey where there's the inclusion of varied questions which are associated with our lives.

Why Do You Call it Rice Test?

It’s not the rice you’d think of. It’s the name of a well-known person, William Marsh Rice. Mr. Rice was the person backward the Rice Institution in Houston, TX. However, he’s not the one that created the test. According to several documents, the primary purity quiz was generated in his university long after his death. So, it’s named after the university—and not Mr. William Marsh.

The Story Behind All the Innocence Quizzes within the History Most experts believe that RU students invented the innocence quizzes as we all know them now. They generated the Rice Purity Test back in 1924 (almost a century ago). And their point was to work out which students have had a naughtier campus life. However, the questionnaire went popular fast. And it had been published in several magazines, school newspapers, etc.

Since there was no internet some time past, the questions were hard to seek out. However, the test stood the test of your time and have become viral again in 2020! Of course, some say the world’s first purity test was created within the 1980s. They believe that it had been MIT students who made an MIT Test-like to assess others’ goodness.

How Did Rice Purity Test Go Viral?

Users of Twitter recently made the RPT go viral again. According to The Tab, users of social media are sharing their purity score quite ever. However, the quiz surfaced on the web back within the 2000s. According to Slate, that was the primary time someone put the questions on an internet site.

Spark, a matchmaking site, was the initial online home to the present sort of quizzes. And it continued to urge passed on ever since. During recent years, other websites like Quiz Expo and Rice Purity modernized the classic test. While they kept the questions an equivalent, they added a 2020-vibe to them. And that’s one more reason why the thought went viral again.

What Does Rice Purity Score Mean?

Every website has its way of calculating the rice purity score. However, it’s mainly on a scale of 0 to 100, 100 being the foremost innocent person—and 0 being the foremost wicked ones.

Real Purity - People that get the very best scores are the pure ones. Usually, a score of quite 50 means you're not as immoral as you thought. But scores quite 80 are the important morally uncorrupted people.

A bit of Naughtiness - Scores between 30 to 50 indicate that you’re a little bit evil. While you would possibly not be that of a ruthless person, you continue to know what is immoral seems like.

Having a lively Evil Within - If your score is a smaller amount than 20, you've got done some terrible things. (Just joking). Most adults who had a social life would score less than that. But it’s not usual for an adolescent to urge such a high grade. So, tone it down, guys.

Is There Any Other Kind of Purity Quiz?

Yes, you'll find all kinds of purity quizzes on the web. ICYMI, there’s also a TikTok purity test out there! However, the most popular ones are

Drinking Purity Tests - They contain 20-100 questions on drinking liquor and possible drinking issues. In the end, you get to seek out out if you’re a pure alcohol-free person—or a drunken.

Women Purity Tests -  They're just about an equivalent thing because of the virginity quizzes. Most societies believe that physical activities reduce the pureness of a woman. So, such questionaries aim to understand what proportion does one realizes physical intimacy.

High-School Purity Tests - These quizzes are popular among teenagers. The questions are a touch naughtier than most other tests. And the vibes are more attractive.

However, an adult needs a secure connection to Urban Dictionary to work out what the questions mean. That’s because such quizzes are full of teenager-terms.


This Purity test is much productive in lifting one mentally ill person and pushed him up back to the normal routine life. But the awareness about this test should prevail everywhere that this test is just for fun it is not an accurate score scale to show or tagged you as pure or impure.